Wedding Venues in Derry, Ireland

Getting married in Ireland is a great idea you should consider. There are many venues in Ireland, and this includes the City Hotel Derry. Below is why you should get married in Ireland in why the City Hotel Derry is the perfect choice.

Why Ireland

Many couples choose to have weddings in derry. It is one of the most gorgeous counties in all of Ireland, and there is a lot of nice scenery throughout the area. As for why Ireland is a great choice for a wedding, there are many.

The country is known for its culture. When you and your spouse are in the country, you'll get to experience its Irish coffees, music, dancing and so much more. Let's not forget to mention the castles, which are found in abundance in Ireland. In fact, there is no shortage of castle wedding venues in the country, and some of these castles include Waterford Castle and Ashford Castle.

It doesn't matter where you are in the country, you won't have to travel very far to find a church. There are many churches that make for great wedding venues.

Asides from the churches, castles and culture, the country is a great place to have your wedding because of the food. Irish food is unique and the country has a reputation for having chefs and caterers that are prestigious. This means your wedding will be extra memorable.

In short, you should have your wedding in Ireland because of the

. Culture

. Castles

. Churches

. Food

Why The City Hotel Derry

The City Hotel Derry is the ideal place for a wedding. First, it overlooks the River Foyle and it is located in one of the most historic cities in Northern Ireland. Asides from offering views of the river and surrounding area, the hotel features a massive Corinthian Ballroom that is equipped with a private bar. The venue can hold up to 250 people, and the ballroom has unique coloured lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for a wedding.

The hotel has elegant rooms for you and your guests to stay at, and there is a health and fitness club on location. You can arrive at the hotel weeks in advance and get into shape before your wedding takes place.

Those are a few reasons why you should have a wedding in Ireland and why the City Derry Hotel is the ideal wedding venue.